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Anushka Kapse

Discover your own TRUTH

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New Release - Sept 2021

N O T H I N G 

Why do even highly educated women fall into the clutches of Self-Doubt, rejection,

feeling of worthless?


Will the external pilgrimage open the doors of the inner sanctum of Vaidehi? 


Find out as the story unfolds on the journey of holy the Mount Kailash-Mansarovar. 


'The Land of Nothing’ is a tale of modern women who got the opportunity to become competent professionals, but couldn’t empower themselves to break free from the traditional patriarchal society mindset.

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What's Inside the Book?

The spiritual coalescence of these droplets indicate the Author's stream of thought process behind writing this book in a Simple, Sweet and Meaningful manner.

Praise & Reviews

Seems conclusion of many scriptures baked in experiences actuating reader to reach multi dimensions of self realisation.

Each droplet is precise, well researched and takes you directly to the point needing attention to be cured .


About Anushka Kapse

Anushka is fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances of Life. She was aware of herself beyond body and mind and had tremendous faith in higher intelligence. She was never skeptical about accepting spiritual knowledge as she knew that science and spirituality are complementary to each other and not contradictory. But the life circumstances created inner conflict in her and she became victim of Identity crisis. The search 'within' thus led her on a path of Self Discovery through series of spiritual experiences that had transformed her from Self-doubting Engineer to confident Spiritual Coach.

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