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Being Nature

Nature never forgets to do his job irrespective of someone is taking care of it or not... I was a bit tied up last few months hence not able to care for plants other than watering them daily... Today these flowers surprised me by their beautiful blossom... The beauty within showed up even when nobody is watching them.

They just did their work of BLOSSOMING.

It never complained that I am being ignored, I have not taken care of, my environment is not good so I won't do my work.

When we observe nature around us, we will get many glimpses of CREATOR so that we can enhance our own life by simply learning from them. They are still in the purest form of creation, unlike human beings who have wrapped themselves in desires, needs, ego pride, jealousy, etc.

Human beings should learn to experience inner beauty even though outer conditions are not favorable. We are so much under the influence of external conditions that we forget that

we all are spirit beings, full of love and compassion and our main work here is to spread and experience this love within.

The universe is a master teacher ...

We just need to do our work to be 'HUMAN' ie to be 'LOVE'

Love n Light



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