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What are Akashic Records?

What do you do when you want to get authentic information on any particular topic?

Of course, you will simply google it :) and then you will find hundreds of websites giving answers of your questions.

But how much can you rely on Authenticity of such information?

hmmm...for everyday questions, google comes very handy...more ever, you can read through 4-5 different sites and can draw your conclusion fairly ok.

But when you want answers for things which are highly dependent on expertise then you search for experts from respective fields. In the physical world, 'Library' is another such valuable database of knowledge and wisdom of great minds who has influenced the world.

By this analogy, Akashic Records is a huge Energetic Library or Energetic Database that stores information of every experience that we have ever had. The term Akashic Records is derived from the Sanskrit word “Akasha,” meaning “ether.” In Hindi, “Akash” means “sky”. They are like an energetic information super-highway that resides outside of time and space.

We are multi-dimensional beings. We exists at all dimensions simultaneously. In 3rd dimension of physical reality we live as a body, in subtle 4th dimension, we live through our thoughts and in subtlest 5th dimension onwards, we live as spirit. When we are aware about our multidimensionality, we can access those dimension in the same way we access our physical reality through our senses. Increased awareness about 'TrueSelf' that is developed due to mindfulness, meditation, practicing compassion and service to others , allows us to access those higher realities. Dimensions become less dense the higher they are. So 3rd dimension physical world is the densest and more separated. As we go high, there is less density and thus there is also less separation between us as individual Souls. 5th dimension is the lowest dimension via which we can access Soul-level information about each other because of the lack of separation at that dimensional level of our existence. When an individual has evolved in consciousness to fifth-dimensional vibration rates, he/she can access the fifth dimension consciously while incarnated.

Our choices make a powerful impact on all other dimensional aspects of our existence due to our multidimensional nature, and that includes our fifth-dimensional aspect! Since there is no linear time in the fifth dimension, information about every choice the Soul has ever made is available within the Akashic Records.

Each Soul has its own Akashic Record as part of its fifth-dimensional aspect. Even though all of us are interconnected at the fifth-dimensional level, our Soul- level information is actually highly private. The Akashic Records always reflect the intention with which they are accessed back to us. If someone tries to access the Records out of curiosity without a legitimate mandate to do so, this will only yield information from the Records that is dissatisfying, somewhat mysterious, or doesn’t make sense. If we access the Records from curiosity, we end up being even more curious. In this way, Soul-level information is actually highly protected from anyone who would access it inappropriately.

Unlock the wisdom of Akashic Records and experience the power of Self-Transformation.

Love n Light,



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